Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Motivation - More Write Prioritizing

More Write Prioritizing

Household chores are done, check. Laundry placed in dryer, check. Seated comfortably in recliner, check. Homemade low-fat caramel latte sitting on the end table at my side, check. Cat sleeping on lap, check. Flames are dancing in the fireplace and music is playing on the radio. My circumstances are now just right for my daily writing appointment. However, why don’t I just check my email and get it out of the way first? Then I won’t be curious if anyone has replied about something important. Well, then I should answer another email, write a little, read a blog, make a comment, recommend the article on Twitter and Google +, write a little more, hit like on friends’ Facebook statuses . . . Oh look, it’s nearly time to make dinner.

Now my two hours of uninterrupted, productive writing time has become 45 minutes. My ten in the morning writing appointment didn’t start until 2:30 p.m. But  it only took a couple of minutes to check my email, right? Wrong! While I do admit to truly being present for my writing appointment three times last week and being fairly productive during those times, it certainly made me look more closely at what I am truly doing with my writing time. I sure am easily distracted!

A successful author friend of mine encouraged me to make writing even more of a priority. She challenged me not to even check email or any social media before I write until I hit a set daily word count. Hmm . . . Or I’m thinking, at least hit goals for the day, whether it’s finishing an outline or a chapter.

This week’s goal is to move writing time to the next priority after time with the Lord and a little exercise. I don’t have to have everything perfect first. The dust bunnies aren’t going anywhere!

I do miss the days of physically having to plug in the modem to be on the Internet, though. Yes, I can turn the connection off while I write, but distractions are only a mouse-click away. What about you—how do you unplug from the Internet and social media while you write? Please share in the comment section below!

This week’s writing prompt: The first time I went to see a movie in the theater I . . .

Enjoy the walk down memory lane today!


  1. You are singing my son on this one, sister! Maybe we should challenge each other to write first email later. :-)

    1. Sounds good! Today was the first day I actually did it! It can be done! :)

  2. Yep. It seems like I'm chasing rabbit trails all day long. Just check this email and this blog and BAM! Three hours later I wonder what happened. Such is life in the information age, I suppose. Gotta change that though!

    1. I'm trying by turning off my internet connection each day until I reach a certain
      point, unless there's something really important to check. I do believe it's
      saving me time and keeping me from going over the same emails more than
      once--sort of like getting digest format! My reward was more time to read before
      bed last night. :) It's a hard change though!

  3. It's hard to turn away from the computer! But when I get this kind of email blog first thing in the morning I take the time to read them :) Then I take my old-fashioned theme notebook (you know, the colored one with regular ruled paper stitched inside, used to be black and white) and I write in the corner of my living room next to the fireplace (we have about 1 1/2 feet of snow outside right now). A pencil with a good eraser, my thesaurus, and a file folder full of good ideas and newspaper clippings for the time period of my scene. Hoepfully I have some kind of internal prompt to take me there, 120 years back, and what is in the file will probably help. Sometimes I take my character descriptions with me to make sure I keep my folks in line. Or photographs to remind me of what I want to show... I get away from the computer and to the other side of the house. I don't use it to write, just the good old-fashioned way of scribbling it out in those notebooks. I have many colors! There is something visceral and right about getting it on paper first. And there is room for arrows and question marks and I can erase as needed. Or cross out, or whatever. When I write... :)

    1. Hi Kathy! Glad you came by my blog today. Thank you for the reminder of
      using a good old-fashioned paper notebook. I used to write all my first
      drafts in one. What a nice way to slow down and get into the mood for
      writing historicals. I have recently been writing a summary of the scene
      I will be writing next in a notebook, so I have it next to me and it does
      help me to keep more focused on my writing. Thank you again for sharing!