Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Interview with Sissy the Dog!

Lilybits: not large, but in charge!

Today, Sissy Threadgill is visiting us! She is writer, Tom Threadgill's, dog. Mom says Tom likes to write humorous blog posts that make her lol. What's a "lol" anyway? 

Please join me with another interview that's going to the dogs!

Hi, Sissy! Thanks for joining me today on Wednesday Whimsy. How long have you owned your humans? What’s the best way to train your humans?

About seven years I think. I’m not sure how old I am, ‘cause I was at a rescue place when I picked them. They were pretty well trained when I went home with them, but sometimes I have to remind them of stuff. Like when it’s time to go outside. Or eat. Or go to bed. Or go outside.

Today's guest, Sissy!

What does Tom write?

Books I think. This last thing he wrote is about a scary man. Maybe a dogcatcher, I’m not sure. Anyway, a brave man has to catch the scary man before he does more scary things. It sounds scary. Have you seen my toy? It’s my toy. You can look at it, but you can’t touch it.

How do you help him with his writing?

I remind him when it’s time to take a break and go outside for a walk. And sometimes when he’s really busy, I know he wants to play. So I stand right next to him and wag my tail. For a long time. He likes to pretend he doesn’t see me, but I know he does. It’s part of our game.

Any advice to other canine muses? How can we best help our writing humans?

I don’t know what a canine muses is, but if it tastes good I’ll try it. I like to help my Daddy by reminding him to stretch his hands. If I put my paw on his arm and pull real hard when he’s making words on the ‘puter, he remembers. But sometimes I have to jump in his lap to remind him it’s break time. Did I show you my toy? Don’t touch it.

Sissy with her human, Tom
Um, that's okay, Sissy. I think it has dog drool on it. Blech! 

Do you ever get in trouble for helping “too much”?

Not really ‘cause he needs a lot of help. Mostly I stick my nose under his hand ‘cause he likes to pet me when he’s working on his ‘puter. And on garbage day, he likes to take a lot of walks, so I help him remember that.

How does Tom help you?

He doesn’t try to get my toy.

Thank you for joining us today, Sissy and Tom!

After years in the big city corporate world, Tom Threadgill now lives in a small rural community in the South. When he's not pretending to write, he spends his time puttering around the yard while his dog watches with complete disinterest. His wife tends to agree with the dog. Tom can be reached through his website, or on Facebook.


  1. Sissy said to tell you thanks for the interview! And stay away from her toy.

    1. Lilybits says to tell you and Sissy, you're welcome. She also advises Sissy
      to horde her toys in a pile under the coffee table like she does. It's a good
      place to "hide" toys.

  2. Sissy and my Rudy must be related, except Rudy loves to share his toys with anyone who will play.
    What a fun interview!

    1. Hi Mary, Lily and I thank you for stopping by. Lily says Rudy sounds like a nice

    2. Sissy likes to walk through the house showing off her toys. "Share" is not in her vocabulary. :)

  3. Sissy & Tom--awesome dynamic duo you two! Lilybits, once again you've conducted an excellent interview. BTW, Wild Cat says a fond hello.

    Tom--I love that photo of you & Sissy. Where was it taken? So scenic!

    1. Lily waves her paw at Wild Cat and says she thinks the interview is excellent
      too. Purr!

    2. Hi Elaine! We took that photo last week outside our rental cabin in the Smokies (before the snow came!). It's our favorite vacation spot and we try to go two or three times a year. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Awesome. Now I know where Tom gets it.

  5. Woof! Good dog, Sissy! You haz the technique for caring for your writing human down real good. Woof! -- Jakearoodog (I own my writer-mom, Karla.)

    1. Sissy says to tell you thanks and maybe she'll let me send you a picture of her toy. :)