Monday, May 12, 2014

Taking Time for a Teapot

I enjoy shopping for antiques and collectibles. It’s fun to find a vintage or retro treasure or two . . .
maybe more. The photo below is of a hand painted Lefton teapot in the Magnolia pattern. It’s vintage at best. I usually like roses on china, but something about the delicate look of the hand painted flowers called to me. I suppose it rather reminds me of the Desert Rose pattern of my good dishes.

The teapot was acquired on a recent trip to Lakeville, Minnesota, visiting a place called Hot Sam’s. This antique store, housed in a two-story log cabin, contains an eclectic mix of items. The long driveway is flanked by unique metal sculptures and cast-offs, such as classic cars and junkers, statues, etc.

Searching through the stacks of teacups and saucers I wondered what kinds of homes the china pieces had come from, a middle class home? Or an upper class estate? Or were they treasured pieces in a poor family, handed down by a beloved grandmother? While they probably didn’t come from any place like Downton Abbey, I still thought each plate, cup, creamer, teapot has a story.

This week’s writing prompt: She placed the Magnolia teapot on the table, while she waited for her guests. As they arrived . . .

Ideas: You can write about 1) the ensuing tea party, 2) show a conversation with the teapot in use or 3) write about what the teapot means to the hostess. How has she acquired it?

Come back Wednesday for a new installment of "Wednesday Whimsy" with Lilybits, the tail-less wonder and see what she has to say this week.

{PD} image from the Graphics Fairy


  1. Oh, fun! Love the teapot, and love antiquing. Why are we women so drawn to china and glassware, but there it is. lol! Love the story ideas too! Great post!

    1. Thanks, Joan. Glad you enjoyed the post! So true about the love for china and
      glassware! :)

  2. I came across this post while searching for the background of the matching sugar pot and creamer that I have. It's neat to know that there's a coffee pot to go with it! I'll have to keep my out for an extra one. :)