Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Writing Prompt

Having ridden on a ferry back and forth to Mackinac Island, as well as cruised under the bridge, this past weekend, I have been blessed to feel the lake breeze on my face (and sting my ears). The waters of Lakes Huron and Michigan sparkled like aqua-blue tinted gems in the May sunshine. Greening buds were springing to life on the island and both sides of the straits. The air was scented with a promise of a late spring, but not every day on the water is so perfect.

Writing Prompt: You’re in a small motorboat fishing, when fog quickly rolls in. Before you know it, a ferry is heading for you and they don’t seem to be aware you’re in their path. You . . .

What will you do next?

Disclaimer: Of course the photo above has been doctored to suit our purposes and I’m sure this is unlikely to happen in the Straits of Mackinac. Enjoy being creative with the scenario anyway!

Check out my friend, author Karla Akin's, blog today! It’s her birthday and she’s giving away her book! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARLA!

And tomorrow is my son, Matthew's, birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATTHEW!


  1. I love Mackinac Island, the ferries, the bridge all of it. Rode my motorcycle over that bridge! Such lovely memories. My favorite romantic place on earth. Nice post! And thanks for sharing my birthday post, too, friend!

    1. You're welcome! Yes, Mackinac Island is a lovely place, as is
      the whole area. Thank you for sharing about your memories, Karla.