Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three Reasons Your Cat Can Tell It's Spring--According to Lilybits

1) It’s shedding time! The trees and flowers may be budding, but I am getting new fur and shedding my winter coat like crazy. Mom and Dad are constantly interrupting my busy day by proposing grooming sessions. Getting brushed is all right and actually feels pretty good, but I’m not going to let them know that. He he! 

Being groomed against my will.

Far superior self-grooming. 
2) The screen is in the front door. And now I’m practicing fast starts as well as dashes around furniture and human feet. Since the weather is turning warm and sunny, I am waiting for that moment when Mom or Dad least expect me to sneak out onto the patio to catch some rays. Or to eat grass, so I can throw up when I come back in. Very seldom do I escape this terrible imprisonment. I can’t even get out on parole for good behavior, but I need to be ready for my five glorious minutes of freedom!

3) Spring rains are here! I won’t try to escape when the rain is pouring down. Nope. All those gloppy wet droplets coating my fur remind me of the evil squirt bottle Mom and Dad use to curtail any naughty behavior. I keep threatening to call ASPCA, but they don’t seem to understand what I’m saying.

I guess I will be forced to stay inside all summer, sleep in my sunny spot, be fed two canned food meals a day, along with free access to my kibble and cold water to drink—yes—I do like to drink water, especially if it’s in Mom’s glass. Spring is here, but I am forced to observe all the birds and chipmunks through a screen.

Such a rough life! But you should see Simon’s Cat romping in the rain, below. And that kitten is so difficult to deal with. Maybe I could teach him a few lessons.


  1. Oh, Lilybits, thanks for the delightful reminder of what it was like for my past four fur babies. You've brought a smile to my face. And thanks for introducing me to Simon's Cat. What fun! I watched the video with my husband, who said it was very realistic.

  2. You're welcome, Miss Elaine. Mom and I truly enjoy the antics of Simon's Cat.
    Glad you did too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Purr!!