Friday, November 13, 2015

Holding Down the Fort

Lilybits, not large, but in charge,
as usual.
Mom has been very frustrated lately. She’s trying to build a new website. After a couple of false starts, she believes she’s found the right theme for her WordPress site.  She doesn’t swear or use off-color language, out loud, anyway. However the bulging vein in her forehead tells me she is stressed.

A friend is trying to help her out. This is good. She has less bruises on her head this week from banging it on the wall. Poor Mom. She’s even given in to eating chocolate again. And she was doing so well on her diet! I do my best to beg for treats and distract her away from the pantry since my yummies are in a different cupboard. Or I sit on her lap to comfort her. This is getting old. It’s hard having such a needy, or should I say, nerdy mom.

I think she's missing the days of this:

and this: 

Well, maybe not the monkey. I make a better muse and secretary, except for the 
lack of opposable thumbs. 

Cat and computer.
Not to worry. I am holding down the fort. We hope to be back at the web address soon. Right now it sports an experimental template to be replaced with her, or should I say, our content sometime in the next month. In the mean time you can still find us here at

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  1. Can't wait to see it... I know it'll be great! Hang in there, Lilybits...

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mr. T! I can't wait either.
      I'm chewing off my claws. Then again, the extra treats I get
      to keep me from whining aren't too bad.

  2. Lilybits, your mom is super strong… I know the two of you will get through this and over it and will be batting around the catnip mice in no time at all!

    1. I sure hope so, Miss Elaine! And Mom says thanks for your kind words about her. :)