Saturday, October 24, 2015

Do You Know Where My Mom Is?

It’s almost 10 o’clock at night. Do you know where my mom is? I’ll tell you where she is. She went to a writers’ conference without me . . . or even Dad! So while she’s enjoying a conference on the shores of Lake Michigan with all those strange people who stare at their light boxes and listen to the people in their heads, I’m left utterly alone. Well, okay, not utterly alone. But the big guy is busy going to work or working at home.

He is too busy for a little cat. I stand on his scooter and try to look pathetic. (It’s a medical scooter to help him get around since his ankle surgery.) He should be sitting in his recliner instead of at the kitchen table, so I can cozy up on his lap. Alas, the best I can do is watch the birds on a nearby chair. Sigh. I miss my full time servant—I mean—my mom. If you see her, would you please tell her she needs to come home and feed me right now!

All I can say is when she gets done talking to all those editors and important authors
at that writers' conference, she better have a big contract, so she can buy me more treats.
And if she hasn't, then she better have a good excuse. I do not find this amusing


  1. Lilybits, sweetie, I'm with your awesome mom and we're both having a wonderful time at this conference that's concluding today. Please keep in your heart that Mom has spoken about you a lot. Know why? Because she loves you so very much and misses you. We're both see you very soon so no kitty revenge please :)

    1. Miss Elaine, I hope you've reminded her of the dire situation
      I'm in when she's not here for me to ignore, I mean, cuddle.
      I suppose I can let it go this time. You have no idea of the
      consequences you've averted by letting me know Mom
      hasn't forgotten me.