Monday, July 14, 2014

First Timer - News and Writing Prompt

First, I need to make an announcement. The winner of
of last week's drawing for Brave New Century is Elaine Stock!

I would say, “Lucky me!” However, I believe I’m blessed, not lucky. Anyway, I had my first book signing at Blue Frog Books and More in Howell, Michigan on Saturday, July 12th. It’s an awesome little mom and pop bookstore where they’re always glad to see you. Old-fashioned service and a passion for books are their hallmark. Our tables were set up in the back. The store walls are lined with beautiful wood bookshelves and you can inhale the fragrance of new paper and fresh ink—something you can’t do with ebooks! Thank you,
Rob and Penny, for hosting us!
Kathy Rouser, Linda Glaz, Gail Martin and Marianne Evans
Marianne Evans, Linda Glaz and Gail Gaymer Martin, all lovely Great Lakes authors, joined me. We were only missing Jerry Slauter, who had to cancel. But we had a lovely Christian fiction afternoon, allowing us to gab about writing and the market and meet new readers. Lots of fun!

Your writing prompt challenge this week is to think of a “first” in your life. Examples: First day of school, first kiss, first day behind the driver’s wheel, first house, birth of a first child . . . only limited by what you can come up with. Take five to ten minutes and think of the impressions that “first” left on you—the scents, the sounds, what you saw or tasted, how did the day feel? Have fun on your trip down memory lane. 

Linda Glaz and Marianne Evans

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