Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Writing Prompt - The Eyes Have It!

The eyes have been called the window of the soul. We use our eyes not just to see and perceive others, but also to express ourselves to others. Depending on how we look at others, they may see anger, withdrawal, sadness, happiness, or affection, for starts.

When I am writing a scene and I think of how my main character perceives another, I think about how I can reveal emotion in the other character’s eyes and face. Their eyes may shine with happiness or they may arch an eyebrow when questioning or numerous other things. These aren’t the most original examples, but you understand what I’m getting at no doubt.

My writing prompt for you this week is to look at eyes, whether in a picture here
or someone in your house, even a pet. (My cat knows just how to cock her head to
the side and giving me the cutest look with those big green eyes when she wants
a treat. I inevitably fall for her tried and true method.)
Now take the expression or emotions which you believe can be seen in the chosen person’s or animal’s eyes and think of a unique way to write about this, rather than cliché. Take a few minutes and have some fun!

Come back tomorrow for July's Monday Motivation . . . on Wednesday! I'll be writing
about writer's terror-- oooh, scary!

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