Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lilybits Chats with Ophelia

Lilybits, not large, but in charge.
Hello, Ophelia, thanks for joining me on Wednesday Whimsy. How long have you owned your humans? How did you come to them?

I’ve known them since their daughter and son-in-law rescued me. When they went away to college, I got to take over the parents’ house. And take over, I did. Now they think I belong to them. Right…

What’s the best way to train your human?

I sit and stare at the goodie bag. I have these to die for gorgeous eyes, and when I stare from the bag to them and back again, they can’t resist. It’s hilarious to listen to them. “Oh, look at those pretty eyes. Do you wanna treat, Princess? Such a precious little girl.” Gag me, but it gets the job done. Oh yeah, I own ‘em.

All that baby-talk is humiliating, isn't it! But you're right, those adorable looks
we give them work every time!

What does Linda like to write?

She writes romance but wants to write suspense. She’s all about spine tingling and scary stuff. I, personally, think all of it’s rather silly. I find stalking a mouse much for satisfying and scary for the mouse. That’s the way it should be. And in this 150 year old house, there is always a mouse or two to catch…if I’m in the mood.
Ophelia, being beautiful!

How do you help her write? Or do you help more with her agent’s job?

I really try not to distract her much. She is so ADHD that if I spot a fly on the wall, she, too, will soon be tracking it all over the room. So I just lay across my blanket on her office chair and look beautiful. It’s not hard. Just one of the perks of being me! After all, I WAS named after a great Shakespearean character. Beautiful, elegant, tragic…Ophelia.

Ahh! Nothing better than a cat's life!

Do you have any advice for fellow canine muses to get the most out of their jobs?

Canine? This is a clean, family-friendly post. Let’s not use such nasty words!

Oh, well, I thought I'd give it a shot since dogs need all the help they can get from
a more cunning species such as ours! 

What’s the best way to stay out of trouble?

Hahaha. While you’re laughing inside after being caught on a counter, you just look remorseful. Give them the old “I am sooo sorry. What WAS I thinking?” look and then wait for them to hike on out of the room so you can do whatever you like. And they fall for the “I’m sorry” like a hiker over the edge of a cliff. OR, and this is important, just let them think they run the show. It gives them some strange sense of self-importance. If only they knew…

Maybe I should try that "I'm sorry" look. Thank you for the tip! I appreciate the time you took for our little chat. 

About Linda S. Glaz: 

Linda S. Glaz, a Hartline agent, is an experienced editor, reviewer and writer, has participated as a final reader for Wild Rose Press, then for White Rose Publishing all the while reviewing for online sites. She has worked as an editorial assistant for Hartline Agent Terry Burns. She's extremely active in the judging community and speaks at conferences  nationwide.  She is also a member of  AWSA. Linda understands writers, because she IS a writer.


  1. Sassy cats. They sure think they own us, don't they?

  2. Ophelia & Kathy, you're so right--pooches need all the help they can get!

    Blessings to all… yeah, dogs too, I guess :)

    1. Yes, those poor doggies could use a hand. ;) Leave it to the cats
      to take that on.

      Lily waves to Wild Cat!

  3. Cute cat chronicle.

    from a puppy person

    1. Lily says to thank you, Janet. (My apologies to the puppy people.
      These cats just have a mind of their own.) ;)