Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy: It's Been a Long Summer, but We're Back!

Lilybits--not large, but in
It’s been a long summer . . .
Well, Mom says it hasn’t been, because summer weather came so late and winter lasted so long. We were a bit busy. Okay, Mom says she was busy, but I have to keep an eye on her and Dad, when I’m not busy getting my beauty sleep. Sometimes I sleep with one eye open.

I only escaped once this summer and Mom’s friend caught me. I like to give Mom extra worry. She insists I can’t wander outside, because I am small and delicate and that a coyote would like to make lunch out of me, yadda, yadda, yadda. She still calls me “baby girl” and doesn’t realize I am a purr-fectly mature adult cat, who can be responsible for myself! At least as long as I’m fed three times a day, brushed and petted when I give permission.

Mom spent most of June on her laptop, when I should be her laptop, period! She wrote lots of words on her latest manuscript. Boooring! Her next project was learning how to make wire wrap jewelry. She quickly learned not to leave beads or other small components uncovered, because I like to roll them onto the floor. Hee hee!

Sea glass earrings!
As for going places, she got to meet my friend, Toby the monkey, when she went to meet his human, Patty Wysong, at the Belleville Strawberry Festival. She said Toby was sweet and charming. I decided to ignore her for a couple of days after that. Mom says she never takes me any place to meet monkeys or other creatures, because I don’t like being tethered in my harness or riding in the car. I’m thinking that’s her fault for not figuring out how to make them more pleasant experiences.
Patty Wysong and Toby

Speaking of going places, they do take me up north to the cottage they rent near Mackinaw City. First they sneak something that makes me feel really weird, and my paws look really big, into food I can’t resist. Then I go hide, because I know the harness is coming . . . and the car ride. However, when I was feeling a little less sedated, I was able to help Dad drive! He wouldn’t let me drive by myself, because I was still under the influence and he said something about needing a driver’s license. I thought those were only for humans.  
Lily helping Dad drive.
I did enjoy watching the birds at the lake, and the chipmunks, though they can be annoying. It also gives me an opportunity to hunt fresh dust bunnies under the beds and have new countertops to walk on without permission.

View from the cottage.
Mom plans on writing more blog posts this fall and is imploring me to do the same. We hope you’ll visit us again soon! 


  1. Lilybits, what a delightful summer vacation you had! Thanks for sharing, If it makes you feel any better, my WC is still my little sweetheart even if she's a mature 19-year-old. You know us cat moms!

  2. Lily says: Paw waves to my friend Wild Cat! She has my
    sympathy for being your cat baby. Sigh. As long as you and
    my mom admit that we cats are actually in charge, we could
    probably overlook being treated like babies. Purr.

  3. Lilybits: Do you have a tail? It didn't look like it in the picture but I need my glasses checked.

    You have a lovely life. I wish I had a cottage near the lake! My cats Spook and Janelle send you sweet Meows and kitty tussles.
    Karla and Jake

  4. Lilybits says: Hi Karla, Jake, Spook and Janelle! No, I don't have
    a tail--that's why they call me the tail-less wonder! If you click on
    the Wednesday Whimsy tab, you can scroll down and find
    "Lilybit's Tail of Woe", which tells the story of why I have no tail. :(

    Purrs and paw waves to Jake, Spook and Janelle!

  5. Lilybits, I wish I could have gone with you to Mackinaw City. I love chipmunks. We had a few living under a log in our front yard when I lived in Michigan. Oh, shhh, wanted to let you in on a secret. I think they are drugging you....before the drive to the cottage. My parents used to do that because I'd get car sick and throw up on my brothers. :) Ahhh, memories.....

    1. Lilybits says: Do you think they'd really drug me, Karen? I knew something fishy was going on. I still throw up once each time I go on a long car trip. :( But I
      guess I'm calmer.

  6. Lilybits, Toby said to say hi and that he would've loved meeting you--although, to be honest, I don't think you would've liked him too much--he's on the wild side, but he gets all embarrassed when I tell people that. Silly monkey. =]

    I loved meeting your mom and dad this summer! It was one of the highlights for me. =]

    1. Mom says, "Thank you," she was very happy to meet you too!
      You're right. I probably would have hissed at Toby. While I can
      get a little wild, I can also be quite sedate. Tell him I said, "hi"
      anyway. He was nice to interview.