Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WHY Your Cat Makes You a Better Person

Lilybits, not large, but in charge!
Cats may not be good for your ego, but they make you a better person and here’s why:
Take my mom for example. She is needy beyond all reason, wanting to cuddle frequently, while I’m trying my best to be a cool cat. I force her to guess what makes me happy. If she makes me happy, then I’m glad to spend time with her. After the treats are given and chase and hide and seek game are finished, I may have time to curl up on her lap for awhile.

Mom is learning to be less selfish and put my needs first. Your cat can do this for you too.
Cats also keep humans from having inflated self-images, while dogs accept everything about you. Is this really good for a human? Cats snub their humans when it doesn’t suit their mood to be playful or cuddly or perhaps if they’re a bit insulted you left them all day. This makes for a more humble human. (Note to my feline friends: Don’t push your luck too far. Humans can be rather sensitive and we have to leave them with some sense of control and a shred of dignity.)

Cats are also such beautiful creatures they help you look better. After all, who will pay attention to you in your stretchy pants and stained t-shirt, when there is a beautiful, furry creature with large expressive eyes in the same room.

Feline pets keep you from being sloppy. No longer will you leave half-empty water glasses unattended in a room or partially eaten meat of any kind, for that matter.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Having a feline companion is an excellent way to build character and make yourself more attractive. If you don’t already have one, run, don’t walk to your nearest pet adoption center and bring a cat home with you! Unless you’re allergic, of course. More is the pity for you, but you can always read my column, which I’m sure will affect you


  1. Alas, a feline home is never to be our because I'm allergic. We'll have to stick with our beagle who has perfected the art of begging. She doesn't mind my sweat pants, but not sure if I look better in them just by her presence :/

    1. Lilybits thinks it'a a shame you must settle for second best,
      but it depends on the dog whether or not they will improve
      your appearance. Perhaps your beagle has a nice personality,
      and she gives your dog a gold star for being a good beggar.

  2. I was raised from infancy by cats, so I suppose much of the credit for how I turned out must go to my feline companions.

    1. Alas, I am still raising Mom, or at least training her, Miss Lisa. It's
      good to know I've not been alone in such a tiring task.

  3. Lilybits, please don't forget that you cute guys/gals are pure comic-relief geniuses. You always know when to make us humans smile, especially when we need it!

    And you're so right about making humans mind their messes. No way can we keep unattended drinks, snacks, or let alone dinner remains sitting on the stove burner.

    1. Yes, Miss Elaine, I am afraid we cats get laughed at all too much. You humans forget our dignity and royal bearing. But I suppose if it helps you to have comic relief occasionally, I can stand it . . . a little, though my pride is wounded.

      About leaving food out. I've been known to find chicken skin that
      didn't get pushed quite all the way down the into the garbage
      disposal. Yum! But then I do get in trouble.

    2. Oh oh. Lilybits, I'm so sorry. I think there's been an awful misunderstanding between us, sweetie. I didn't mean to hurt you but instead compliment you--you felines truly touch our rusty down in the dump hearts and know when and how to make us feel much better. That's all I was trying to say. I apologize.

    3. Lilybits says: All forgiven, Miss Elaine. I knew you meant well. You humans do indeed need us to lift your spirits. I still consider you my friend. Purr. :)

    4. Praise God for your continued friendship, Lilybits.