Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The Life of a Muse

Depending on the mood I am in, I like to inspire Mom by curling up on her lap and going to sleep for at least an hour. This way she feels obligated to stay still and if she has her other laptop on hand, she just has to write. Of course I am her favorite laptop. Hee hee.

The other way I inspire is by being cute. This involves just being myself. I purr, look up at Mom with my big green eyes and tilt my head just so. Sometimes I stretch or arch my back a certain way or push my head under her hand for a good head scratching. How does this work? By showing off my cuteness, I inspire Mom to think of beauty and give her the desire to create beautiful things with words.

It’s not easy being a muse of sorts. It takes a long time to purr-fect just the right look, or the way I stretch out one of legs and lick my paws or act cute by wriggling on my back, half curled on the floor. That’s a difficult one.

Concerned that she is sitting too much lately, I occasionally get Mom to chase me for a good work out. Whether I am just being cute and want to play hide and seek in the house, or I dash outside, when the door is open a crack, to upset her, I get her heart pumping and more blood to the brain, so she can think more clearly and write even better.

Of course there are the ideas I plant in her mind, such as an entire series of novels with a mindreading cat as the main character. She just hasn’t taken me up on that one yet.

How is your feline friend or canine companion your muse? Leave a comment or follow this blog for a chance to win this month’s give away of a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card.


  1. Kathy--as someone who has been owned by cats most of her life, I love this question :) Currently, my 18-year-old furry companion keeps me company any time I'm using my laptop, which means right now! My laptop is on its last "legs" and I have an old desk top computer keyboard hooked up to it. My cat has figured out how to click onto the keys and enjoys opening my emails let alone watching me work on my stories.

  2. Sounds like your kitty has learned something in 18 years! Mine just likes
    to stand on the keys or walk across. They are good company, though. :)
    Thanks for stopping by, Elaine. :)

  3. Meow! My dogs have been encouraging me by sleeping. Oh wait, it's WRITING I'm supposed to be doing, yeah. Writing. :-)

  4. When pets sleep, it can be contagious. Right? ;-)