Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Cat in Captivity

Today is around day number 1,700 of my captivity. I can’t understand why Mom won’t let me run around outside. She always mumbles something about my being too little and there’s a busy road behind us. The chipmunk likes to sit on the back step, outside the door wall and taunt me. And, how I would love to get a run at the birds in the birdfeeder! After all, I can jump pretty high.

Last time Mom took me outside on a nice day a couple of weeks ago, she thought I was playing under a chair, but it gave me just enough leverage to release myself from that harness contraption she keeps me in. I just wanted to eat some grass, stick my nose down the chipmunk’s hole and run around to the front door and see if she would panic and chase me.  Instead, she quietly came through the house to the front door and rattled my food dish. Alas, I was undone by my craving for tiny fish filets in gravy. Mom is wising up. She promised to start that grass planter she brought home from the pet supply store, but she has been procrastinating. That should give me the right to escape outside and nibble on some of the green delicacy.

Does she know how lucky she is to have such a beautiful cat? I suppose I have her and Dad pretty well trained these days. When I jump on the stool by the counter and fuss, she knows I want a treat. And if I whine enough, she might give me my canned food a little early. Also, when I walk into the hall to the laundry room, making distressed noises, she knows I want my litter box scooped. Who cares if she just did it a couple of hours ago? I am awfully cute. Wait a minute—somebody just said something about being annoying. Obviously, they weren’t talking about me.

It seems I will need a nap after all this writing. It’s tough to get enough beauty sleep around here. I have to decide which soft spot to nap in. There are so many. After I get some rest, I’ll finish reading another book. I hope you’ll come back next week to hear about it.  

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  1. Tell your little sweetie I enjoyed her post, Kathy! Love the picture too :)

  2. Hi, may name is Max. I own the Falck family. I can show you how to get out the door between the our people's feet. Works most every time. However, you must make at least three trips around the house and resist the treats for a while. Enjoy the freedom.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Max! I'll take that into consideration. Signed,