Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Whimsy

Things That Bug Me . . . besides bugs
Bugs can be annoying, but I occasionally enjoy pawing at an ant . . . or a spider. I’m still trying to figure out their purpose. The ants got in this summer and invaded my food dish. Yuck! Mom had to move my food dish to the dining room table and I found the whole thing rather confusing.

Besides bugs . . . I hate it when my humans discover I am having fun. This usually involves them catching me playing shred the mouse with my fluffy-tailed Kickaroo toy. Or it could involve my stalking a crumpled piece of paper. They laugh at me! It’s so undignifying! (not sure that’s a word) Which reminds me, why don’t the cats on I Can Has Cheezburger use spell check? Or get a better editor?

I also DO NOT like being seen in my litter box. This is a strictly private matter, even if I do like to stick my paws under a closed bathroom door. The door doesn’t spring both ways. Cats need to know what their humans are up to at all times, so we can better control (I mean help) them.
What? My friend, the tiger, is sharing secrets.

Being the embodiment of ultimate cuteness has it’s downside. It’s so difficult to be taken seriously sometimes. What do your feline friends and canine companions find most annoying?

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