Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Whimsy - The Kitten Chronicles

Lilybits - Not large, but in charge.

The Kitten Chronicles – Part 1
This Wednesday I am interviewing my distant cousin, Tasha. I’m going to find out what her life is like for a kitten in Minnesota.

Tasha, how old are you, and what kind of cat are you?

My name is actually Natasha, or Tasha for short, although my goofy human servants often refer to me by other annoying names such as Poozy. I was born on March 27 of this year in Mankato, Minnesota to my Russian-born parents who immigrated there. I am a Siberian cat, and am descended from nobility.

(Aren't we all?) I’ve been in captivity for over 1700 days. It’s been fairly tolerable, since I have my humans well trained. How is your human training going?

My Siberian cousin, Natasha
I am only about 245 days old, and was forcibly transferred to my current penitentiary in Lakeville, Minnesota, where I have now been for about 145 days. At present, I have two human servants; a husband and wife by the name of Tom and Betsi. They are very foolish, and slow to learn, though I have been patiently trying to train them in the proper methods of serving me. 

The other two cats I now live with obviously did not do a very good job in training them prior to my arrival, and I have been endeavoring to correct their many deficiencies. I would particularly like to curtail their most annoying habits, such as continually bothering me when I am napping or studying the outdoors through the window, or not presenting me with enough food of sufficient variety.

You sound like quite the intelligent female kitten! I hear you have big stepbrother cats. Please do tell me something about them.

Tasha warming up by the fire

Indeed, I live with two older cats; one is a fourteen-year-old Himalayan named Harley and the other an eight-year-old Persian named Elliott. I really enjoy my cat-mates, especially Elliot, who has been nicknamed “the Galoot” because he is such an oaf. He has a lot of really long hair, and I love to wrestle with him and swim in all that marvelous hair; he is such a push over. I generally take a great deal of pleasure in bugging both of them while they are sleeping, and I especially like to employ my strategy of licking them, which they detest. They will move to get away from me, and then I get to chase them around the house or otherwise lay claim to their resting spot.

I like being an only cat. I’m quite the diva! Do you like having other cats in your house? If so, why?

I am very fast and love to leap across the room and over the furniture. Oddly enough, my human servants get nervous when I do this, which gives me even more pleasure.  Though it is annoying to be held captive, this house has many advantages, and there are a lot of fun places to explore especially among the antique china and glass candlesticks.  One of my favorite pass times is relaxing upside down in front of the fireplace to warm my sensitive underside.

I definitely rule here, and claim most of the servants’ attention, and the food, for myself.  I have taught the older males to show proper deference to my person, and have claimed all the best toys, sleeping places, sunny spots and so forth for myself. I do enjoy the other cats, however, since they are a source of much entertainment for me.

Tasha and the Galoot 

Thank you, Miss Tasha, for being my guest today. We will check back with you on a
later date about how your captivity is progressing.

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  1. They have their ways of letting us know who are the slaves and who the royalty, don't they? Loved it!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Lily definitely agrees. ;)

  2. Woof! It's me again. Jakearoodog. I haz to agree. I iz king in dis house. Az it should be. Mama threatened to get two cats but I will be da boss a dem if her doez. Mama sez I am independent like a cat, though. Hmph. I say cats independent like me.

    I guess dis pretty good writin' fer a cat.

    Lick and tail wags,

    1. Lily says: Thanks for visiting, Jakearoodog. You're my favorite dog so far. But don't you think an adorable cat like me would make your life more interesting?

  3. Kathy, I laughed so hard that now I have the hiccups. All the best from my kitties, Bridget and Jack. They enjoy brushing up against my clean black slacks in the morning when I am trying to get to work. Otherwise they amuse themselves spreading fur throughout the house and they don't even help me clean it up!

    1. Hey, Sue, glad you enjoyed this. I must give credit to Tom Kolden, one of Tasha's humans, for her clever answers! And to Betsi, the other caretaker (and Jack's cousin), for the cute pics. :)

      Lily says to tell Bridget and Jack they are doing a good job by spreading
      their fur, oops, she means love. ;)

  4. Tasha, you're so pretty and I love your Russian accent. It's essential that the youngest kitty makes sure the older ones know their places and it looks like you're doing an excellent job.

    1. Lily says: Thank you for commenting, Elaine. Indeed, I am jealous of my cousin's
      Russian accent. I agree, she is doing a very good job of putting the older guys in their place!