Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Motivations - Writing Prompt

Find a Writing Prompt in a Snowflake!
The snowflake images posted here are microphotographs taken by Wilson Bentley, aka “The Snowflake Man,” taken many years ago. He began perfecting his method of photographing individual snowflakes as a teen in 1885. He was the first to discover that each snowflake was an original in its design and left behind 5,381 images of them!

It’s amazing how God gave us the wonderful gift of creativity, too. Each writer has his or her own original stories to tell, even if they write about the same thing! As the snow swirls and gently collects, against the backdrop of evergreens in my backyard, I thought, what a perfect writing prompt: SNOWFLAKES! 

What do they make you think of? Childhood, when you caught the fresh, icy crystals on your tongue? Christmas time? Driving in a snowstorm? Or would you just write about its crystalline elegance? The challenge is to take five or ten minutes of free writing about what these beautiful little creations make you think of!

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(Images from Wikimedia Commons)

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