Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Whimsy - Just Another Wednesday with Lilybits

Lily-bits, not large, but in charge

Just another Wednesday here . . . 
Mom started back to something she calls “work” yesterday. I knew something was up when she left her new scrubs over the back of the couch in the family room the night before. Out came her large tote and her work shoes went in a plastic bag. At least I got a taste of her ham when she made a sandwich for lunch. 

When she disappeared through the door in the hallway by the laundry room, dressed for work yesterday morning, I knew she wouldn’t reappear for a long time. The nerve! Lacking my daytime servant I am at a loss. Without opposable thumbs, I can’t open the treat bag, let alone the cupboard they’re in.

I meowed and whined, but Mom didn’t come back . . . until after my scheduled dinner time, which is 5 o’clock sharp. If I can push her I might get my wet food at 4:45—that’s if I’m really obnoxious! But last night, I wasn’t fed until after six. The horror!

Yes, I know she gave me an extra treat that morning and left me plenty of food, but I punished her by turning my nose up at the usual kibble. Besides, I must keep my girlish figure. I weigh in at a little less than six pounds. I think that’s a good number for a little cat, don’t you? They keep saying I look and act like a kitten.

Anyway, I didn’t cooperate very well, when Mom wanted to pick me up when she came home. “Give me the food first”, I said!  Wouldn’t even let her take her coat off. Today I stayed under the foyer table, over the heat vent for quite awhile. Now I am on Mom’s lap as I write this post. I may not always want her to know it, but I’m glad Mom is home today. Thinking about taking a nap now . . .


  1. Awww, Lillybits, you gots ta do what I do when Mama leebz me alone. SLEEP! You get used to it. Nobody to interrupt yer beauty rest! Woof! -- Jakearoodog

    1. Thanks, Jakearoo. I do sleep a LOT. You should be able to tell,
      because I'm such a pretty cat. :) But I still like to complain when
      things don't go MY way.