Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Motivation - Survey Recap

Survey Recap

First of all, a big “thank you” to those who took the time to answer the questions in my short survey last Monday. It was very helpful. What do you think was the top writing issue survey respondents chose as the one they needed the most help with? If you guessed time management, you’d be correct. 100% of respondents chose this, so you’re not alone!

The second choice was writing consistently, which in many ways goes with time management. We are pulled in many directions by the needs of others, especially family members, church and social obligations, day jobs, household chores, etc. How can we balance it all and consistently schedule precious writing time? Those among us who are naturally organized are always looking for ways to be more efficient. My husband is an example of one of those people! However, I would suspect most of us creative types struggle in the area of time management altogether, let alone organization.

As far as what kind of posts people wanted, both “short posts with writing prompts” and “encouragement for the writing life” tied at 60%. Four-fifths felt that writing prompts were helpful.

This year I will endeavor to share more about my own discoveries in the area of time management, writing prompts and encouragement. I will strive to grow in the area of  sharing my own writing struggles and victories as well.

Do you have a favorite time management tip to share with other writers? If so, please leave a comment. Your comments are important to me and I love to hear from you!

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