Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy - Quotes from Lilybits

Quotes From Lilybits:

"You're not worth your weight in kibble, if you can't beg the food off your human's plate."

"A good way to punish your human for not spending enough time with them is by making sure they're sound asleep before you snuggle next to them. Then get up before they wake up in the morning. Mwa ha ha, they'll never know."

"Make sure your human knows they've had enough sleep by licking their nose between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m., because it's time to get up and play!"

"When a cat is finicky it proves they're descended from royalty." (After all, Mom says I am a royal pain.")

Lily in the kibble bag.

"Every day spent with a cat is the best kind of day."

"The best spots to nap are in the sunshine!"

"As soon as you detect someone doesn't like cats, jump up on their lap. They'll just love it!"

If you would like to share what you think your pet would like to say to you, please enter it in the comment section below. Mom and I love it when our readers tell all!

Also, announcing the winner of Adventures with Vinnie, by Donna Winters:

Congratulations, Janice! Donna will contact you shortly. Happy reading!


  1. Woof! Very good advice, Lilybits! I gonna try some o' these. One I like iz ta stare at my Mom's plate until her gibz me some nomz. Woof!

    1. Purr, sounds good, Jakearoo! Italian, Mexican, tuna and
      forbidden beef are my faves! What about you? (Beef
      gives me a tum-tum ache.)