Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy - Interview with Jakearoo

Today, I am leaving my comfort zone *sigh* and interviewing Jakearoo Dog. Though I must say, he is quite a gentleman and often takes time to leave me comments, so I do consider him a friend. 

My Interview with: 
Jakearoo Dog! Woof!

Hi, Jakearoo Dog! Thanks for joining me today on Wednesday Whimsy.

Woof!  Hi, there Miss Lilybits!

How long have you owned your human?

I has had my Mama for 3.5 years now. I moved here after my skin dad died from a lung disease in Pennsylvania. He knew from reading my Mama’s blog that she liked fur kids, so he told me this would be a good place to live so here I am in Indiana now.

What’s the best way to train your human?

If you don’t practice ‘em dey will get lazy. I haz a ball in every room for exercize. I also good at doctorin’.

Here’s stuff ta do when yer Mama neez ta concentrate on her works so she won’t get bored an’ how ta helps her out:

·      Steal her empty water bottle and kill it by pushin’ it all ober da hardwood floor and makin’ loud killin’ noizez.
·      Choke on da lid so her jump up an’ play.
·      Eat yer food loud and make loud snortin’ dinosaur noises
·      Knock eberyting off da fireplace hearth and run around in all a it sending it hither an’ yon (don’t know what dat iz but Mom sez I do dat real good).
·      Play soccer wif her books an eat da page on global warming cuz it too cold to swim an’ I mad.
·      Play football wif her iPhone an’ chew on da case.
·      Jump on her lap and kissy face her berry hard an’ push my pawz on her chest
·      Lay on her legz so her can’t go nowhere durin’ my nap time.
·      Give her a paw massage all over her body when she’s lying down. (I know she likes this from all the different ways she says “Jake! Jake!”)
·      Slurp her ear just as she’s tryin’ to fall asleep. That way, you know she’s still breathing.
·      Hold da blankets down when she rolls over so she don’t move. Too much movement could cause her to over-exert herself. You don’t want dat.
·      Snore loud so she don’t feel bad snorin’ herself.
·      Help her eat by lickin’ da fork on da way to her mouth so dat she don’t eat too much.

I has a lot more tips, but that should get you started.

What does Karla write?

Well, she should write more ‘bout me, but her always writin’ ‘bout history and humor and hope.

How do you help her with her writing?

One thing I has to do iz make sure she playz a lot more so I bring her my slobbery ball or frizbie and put it on her laptop. I also sit on her lap and snore loudly so her haz background noise. And I make her let me outside and inside over and over for exercizin’. I also sit on her shoulder and fluff to keep her alert.

Any advice to other canine muses? How can we best help our writing humans?

Whatever you do, make sure you bark a lot and scratch on their office door if you hear the word “deadline.” I hear they like that.

Do you ever get in trouble for helping “too much”?

Mama locks her door on me, but I know how to do dat pitiful face wif puppy dog eyez. Foolz her ebery time. Woof!

Karla Akins is the author of The Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots and historical biographies for middle grades. She's also a pastor’s wife who rides her own motorcycle and the mother of four boys and one step-daughter, and the grandmother of six. She lives in North Manchester with her husband who is the pastor of Christian Fellowship Church, her twin teenage boys with autism, mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s and three rambunctious dogs. Karla and her husband have been in ministry together for 31 years. You can contact Karla for speaking engagements via her website at


  1. This is why Buck, my St Bernard, stays outside. It might be cute with that little bite-sized dog, but not with 145 pounds of drool and hair.

    1. Woof! Pegg, Mama haz 145 dog-that-looks-like-a-rug but him iz bewy nice an' mindz his manners. And I also haz a pug brother, too. Mama likes dogz in her office! Tanks for reading. Licks and tail wagz to Buck!

    2. Hi Pegg, thanks for stopping by today. :) Lily says she's glad she doesn't have to share the house with a dog Buck's size!

      Lily also says that Karla is a very nice dog mama and she hopes you appreciate her, Jakearoo!

  2. Lilybits, thanks so much for the awesome interview with your very special guest, Jakearoo. And thanks for bringing a much needed smile to my face!

    Jakearoo, you sound like you do an outstanding job making sure Karla stays out of trouble. Well done. I hope she gives you an extra biscuit today for being a great sport.

    1. Woof! Thanks for the compliment, Elaine! I gonna ask Mama for da cookie. I love cookies! Licks and tail wags to you and yours!

    2. Elaine, Lily says she is glad to make you smile and purrs to you and Wild Cat!
      She also says that she must concede that Jakearoo is the star today and
      deserves cookies as much as she deserves a treat.

  3. Woof! Thanks Lilybits for interviewing me! You're alright for a cat! Mama gonna get two cats and then I'll know how to speak cat, too! Meow! How's that?

    1. Meow and purrr to you, Jakearoo. You're pretty cool for a dog! I couldn't have done
      it without you today! My foster mom had a dog. He rode with me in the carrier
      to where I was adopted by my family. A woof and a bark to you, but I'm not
      that good at speaking dog. Thank you for being my guest today! It was fun!