Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy - Sick and Tired!

I'm baack! Not large, but in charge!
A couple of weeks ago I had to make an emergency visit to the regular animal hospital. It was too late to go to the exclusive Country Cat Hospital. Sigh. It was kind of a big place and there were dogs there. Okay, I only saw one at a time, but it was scary. Mom wrapped me in a towel and had me in a harness with a leash, like she usually does when she takes me to the vet. You’d think I should be kept in a maximum-security facility of some kind!

There was a raw fish tank in the middle of the waiting room--I mean a live fish tank. I’m not sure what good a fish is if you can’t can it and eat it, but Mom said something about them being pretty and the clown fish tasting funny anyway. (Mom made me write that. Isn’t it an awful joke?)

Anyway, the veterinary assistant took my temperature in the exam room. It was not a very nice thing to do. I hissed—loudly! Then came the doctor and all that prodding and poking. I couldn’t believe Mom and Dad let them take blood and x-ray me all to find out that I had lots of gas. I could have told them that! Well, and that I might have some kind of infection like pancreatitis or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Mom just refers to it as BKT—barfy kitty tummy. That doesn’t sound quite as important, but it still sounds sufficiently yucky, don’t you think?

After that they gave Mom and Dad some medicine for me to take two times a day. It tasted awful! I tried writhing out of Mom’s grasp and foaming at the mouth, but they were onto me. Again, she wrapped me in the towel and tried to wipe the drool from my chin. A few times I got away. Ha ha! But then I had to clean the medicine off my fur. Blecch!

Lilybits sleeping in the sunshine.

For several days I did my best to ignore Mom. I was going to show her and not be lured by food into her trap! I finally decided to lick Momma awake on her nose this morning to make sure she got up to feed me. And I got bored sitting by the back door, so I condescended to sit on her lap for awhile.  She should be thankful. Her writing was much more productive today. No doubt thanks to me. I just hope she doesn’t get too used to it. And by the way, I am feeling better. In fact, I’m sure I would have felt better without an intervention, but at least I know my humans care. Now they have to buy me special food. I kind of like that idea, since I am a special cat. Purr!


  1. Be glad you caught it in time!

    1. Don't I know it! I'm thankful my kitty is okay, even if she didn't enjoy the

  2. I have actually been very concerned for you, Lilybits. 19-year-old Wild Cat is having problems too. We think it might be another UTI--hopefully not worse. She doesn't know it, but tomorrow morning her dad is taking her in to the… well, you know where. At her age, I worry a lot about her… another part of life I need to turn over to God's capable hands.

    1. Lilybits says: Thank you for your concern, Miss Elaine.
      Mom sure worries over me too. I hope Wild Cat will feel
      better soon. Give her a nice head scratch for us.
      Purrr . . . Mom says she's praying for you.

  3. Woof! I sure hopes you are better soon cuz I need lots o' advice now that I have TWO kittens to take care of now. Spook and Janelle. Boy and girl. I try to tell them I am the boss o' them but they don't listen to me AT ALL. HELP!
    Licks and tail wags,

    1. Meow, Jakearoo! Don't you worry about those kittens! I am getting
      better every day and ready to give you any advice you need!

      Just pretend to let them be in charge--they'll never know. ;) Well,
      at least for awhile. As you know, cats are pretty smart.