Thursday, January 1, 2015

Matthew Goes Back to Massachusetts

Lilybits, not large, but in
Matthew is my big brother or big bother as Mom’s brother used to call himself. Yes, I know, he is my adopted human brother. He’s definitely not part of the superior feline species. I don’t hold that against him though. My problem is that he invades my territory occasionally, this time for Christmas.  He sleeps in the room where my sunny spot is and talks to Mom without my permission.

I was busy taking this situation out on Mom. I wouldn’t sit on her lap or by her until Matthew decided to talk to her. Then I possessively cuddled up next to her leg and stared at him. He accused me of giving him the evil eye, but it was just a stern warning. Then he had the nerve to give me a raspberry and tell me he could talk to her too! Well, he apparently forgets that I am in charge here.

Matthew says farewell to Lilybits.
Of course, Mom reminds me that I didn’t mind him being around when he had string cheese to share. I climbed right up on Matt's lap to beg and he was quite obliging. I suppose I could be a little more accommodating. I was kind of glad when he left, so I could have my space back and Mom to myself for the most part.

But now that Matthew went back to Massachusetts, who is going to share their string cheese? I wonder when he’ll be back? Maybe it’s not so great he left after all. I guess I could get used to him being around . . . for the string cheese.

Mom says good-bye to Matthew at the airport.


  1. Gracie is just getting used to her bog brothers, and now they are leaving too. She will have to get all her attention needs met by Mom again, and her only rival will be that darn laptop.

    1. Lily says: Yes, I have been letting Mom know I am displeased
      with the time she spends with her laptop by walking or standing
      on the keyboard, which I hadn't done for awhile. Tell Gracie I'm
      behind her 100%

      Kathy says: Eye roll here. Lilybits gets plenty of attention. She is not suffering.

  2. Whenever we go to visit my mom we have to sleep in the guest room which also happens to be the cat's nap room. Needless to say, they are not thrilled. But they seem to come around my husband scratches them behind the ears. I can't touch them because I'm allergic :(

    1. Lily says: So sorry to here you are deprived of feline
      companionship due to allergies, Miss J'nell. Nice that
      your husband will scratch behind their ears.

      Kathy says: Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, J'nell!

  3. Lily, you larger-than-life super cat, you handled Matthew's visit so cata-purfect. You're such a charmer.

    1. Lilysays: Purr . . . thank you, Miss Elaine. I try to do my job well.