Friday, January 23, 2015

PURR-FECT ( A Perfectly Good Word!)

Lilybits, not large, but
in charge!
Attention all human companions/adopted parents of members of the feline species: says that perfect has to do with fitting the "ideal of a type," "exactly fitting a need" or "without flaw," amidst other definitions. But I propose a new derivative of this word: PURR-FECT. Yes, this goes beyond the human idea of perfection to higher feline standards.

When you feed your cat and she gives you a thankful purr, she is purr-fectly happy. This is what you should strive for with every meal or kibble dispensing. If your cat turns up her nose at the food, then it’s not purr-fect and therefore, less than acceptable.

Scratch behind your kitty’s ears or under her chin for a long, deep purring session. If she gives you a love bite or gentle swat, she is done with this extra affection and attention . . . or at least I am! And then the session is less than purr-fect.

Having a purr-fect place to sleep is important. I won’t always purr when I find it, unless it is someplace inconvenient to you, such as on top of your tummy or next to your legs on the bed, which makes it more difficult for you to move. Also, become more aware of our heads butting your hands at four a.m. This tells you it’s the purr-fect time for kitties to have a petting or play time session.

We cats can’t really understand why humans refuse to convert to our schedule. Napping, playing, eating and then repeat are so much healthier for you than running around all day with a cup of coffee in your hand, trying to accomplish unimportant tasks, well, other than cleaning the litter box and feeding your cat. And then you take that one big long nap during all the nighttime hours. Think of what you’re missing!

Purr-fectly happy Minnesota cousins
snuggled together.
I was just having a purr-fectly lovely moment, sitting on Mom’s lap and sniffing her sandwich. The results were less than satisfactory, but we will purr to let you know what we want too. So there you have it—a short guide to keeping your cat purr-fectly happy. Keep trying and your cat will let you know just how purr-fect you are!


  1. Gracie's humans can be terribly slow at taking a hint, but they do eventually stop their trifling pursuits to sit on the sofa and provide a suitable lap and the proper adoration.

    1. This sounds promising, Miss Lisa. I'm sure Gracie appreciates
      your efforts and occasionally lets you know with a purr-fect
      purr! Signed, Lilybits

  2. Nap, play, eat, repeat. Count me in!

    1. Kathy says: I agree, Tom! Too bad someone has to take
      care of the cat. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Any time someone else does the cooking, I'm purr-fectly happy too.

    1. Kathy says: Me too, J'nell! Just enjoyed a breakfast of French toast, bacon and hash browns cooked by my dear hubby!
      Lilybits says: I'm upset they wouldn't share the bacon and snuck
      a piece off the table. He he! Purr!