Sunday, January 18, 2015


Lilybits - not large, but
in charge!


Ordinary you say? Just an ORDINARY cat? Humph! You can’t judge a cat by it’s mixed lineage, although that is what my adoption papers said. And they had the nerve to call me a plain old domestic shorthair (DSH)! Why look at me, there is nothing plain about the beautiful markings on the light taupe fur of my underside or the dilute tabby stripes on my sides and back. Really! And I have it on good authority that Mom just melts when I look up at her with my huge, gorgeous green eyes.

It’s not every day you find elegance, beauty, intelligence and personality in one package. Yet we domestic shorthairs are referred to as the mutt of the cat world. It’s rumored that our ancestors were first domesticated in the mysterious royal halls of Egypt, where we were put on a pedestal. Somehow we made it to England and got aboard the Mayflower for adventure. Yes, we did have to earn our keep by decreasing the rodent population, but my ancestors felt the wind in their fur and smelled the fish in the open sea on the way to the New World. However, they could have done without the salty spray, which I’m sure was as annoying as a squirt bottle is to modern cats everywhere. (Hint, hint.)

Showing off some of my pretty markings.
According to Animal Planet, there are 80 million DSH cats in the United States alone and we make wonderful, beloved family pets with varieties of personality. As long as you spoil us and do as we ask, there shouldn’t be any problems. Below, you may watch Animal Planet’s video on the DSH cats and decide for yourself if we are simply ordinary cats! I rest my case.


  1. Lilybits, rest assured. You are no common cat… you're extraordinary. Now go curl up for a late morning nap and dream of catching mice or eating grilled salmon. Don't forget to purr extra loud in Kathy's ear.

    1. Why, thank you Miss Elaine! Purr . . . I would say you are quite
      a perceptive human! I am a little mad at my mom right now,
      because she betrayed me by taking me to get a shot today.
      Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better and purr in her ear. Right
      now she doesn't deserve it.

  2. Lilybits, I am so glad you set your Mom straight on this ordinary business. It sets a precedence in case our Mom tries the same thing. What could possibly be ordinary about fitting and sitting in various boxes (testing them out for quality assurance--she can't ship books in boxes that aren't A+) or helping her drink her tea? Janelle and I appreciate your keen attention to this matter.
    Extraordinarily yours,

    1. You are most welcome, Spook! I hope you and
      Janelle will continue to ensure our extraordinary
      reputation. Keep up the good work!
      With affectionate purrs,