Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lilybits: News, Views, and Celebrating our 200th Blog Post!

This is not just any post, it’s a 200th blog post! Mom and I are celebrating today. We're even giving away a $10 Amazon gift card Of course, she couldn’t have done it without my help.

In case you’re wondering about how my campaign is going, I have fired my campaign manager for not being able to get me into the latest political debate. Also, the donations are coming in awfully slowly. An occasional trickle of kibble and treats just isn’t getting the job done. I may have to suspend the campaign for awhile, like Governors, Walker and Perry.

And news:
Lately I’ve been learning about how to take care of dad since he had surgery on his ankle. I’m teaching him to steer his scooter carefully by getting in his way and running away at the last second so as not to get run over. I sleep on his lap sometimes when he is sitting in his chair. This way he stays warm. And sometimes I sit on his scooter and watch him eat. I’m teaching him to share and not feel sorry for himself. He’s not stuck eating kibble and wet food for sensitive stomachs. Yuck! Anyway, with my watchful companionship, I believe he is healing up quite well. 

Partially to celebrate our 200th post, and partially to honor the memory of my Minnesota cousin, Harley, who passed on over the rainbow bridge a few months ago, I am again sharing an earlier post “Help from Harley”. I hope you will enjoy Harley’s practical advice and wry sense of humor.

HELP FROM HARLEY (Originally posted March 20, 2014)
Lily apologizes because Rush Limbaugh wasn’t available and Oprah didn’t have enough advance notice, so today’s special host is Harley the Himalayan of Lakeville, Minnesota. He’s taking questions from cats around the country from his non-motorized power basket situated under the living room table.

Dear Harley: My colorblind human brought home a new pink cat bed for me to sleep in. He doesn’t care, because he can’t see color, but I can. Do I have to be worried about compromising my masculinity by sleeping in it?

Fanger from Fargo

Dear Fanger: You have nothing to worry about. After all, look at me. Besides, the feline babes love it!

Harley the Himalayan in his non-motorized power basket.
Dear Harley: My humans brought home a snotty little kitten. She comes over to lick my fur while I’m trying to sleep. I am a mature, elegant cat who has no time for such nonsense. What do you suggest I do to put her in place?

Tertius from Teaneck

Dear Tertius: I suggest large doses of catnip and if there’s some left over, give it to the kitten.

Tasha, partied out.
Dear Harley: How do you keep your hair so beautiful? Lily says she gets lots of grooming tips from you. What do you suggest?

Tangled in Trenton

Dear Tangled: Two words: crème rinse.

(Not Harley)
Which of these questions and answers did you like the best? I must admit, Harley
got right to the point!

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  1. Lilybits, I'm so bummed you're dropping out of the presidential race. Maybe I'll write you in anyways since your intelligence and concern for others far exceeds the others who are running!

    I LOL when I read your cousin's reply about the catnip. Great humor! And, I'm sorry about her passing. Sad.

    Btw, send me all the unsolicited mail you want 😀

    You know my addy, but don't feel obligated to enter me.

  2. Lilybits says: Hi Miss Elaine! Maybe I should push for a write-in campaign.
    Great idea! I do reserve the right to change my mind about the presidential
    race, since I am a female feline.

    Harley had a wonderful life with Betsi and Tom, but it is always sad to
    see another cat go from this world. Thank you for your condolences.

    Kathy says: Thanks for stopping by this morning, Elaine. I always
    appreciate your comments!

  3. And here I was hoping Lilybits would straighten out the government. Oh well. I understand that keeping Dad's lap warm is a full time occupation, though, so good for you. I hope your training regarding equitable food sharing goes well.

    1. Lilybits says: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Miss Lisa.
      I'm beginning to wonder if even I could straighten out the
      government these days. The equitable food sharing
      training isn't going so well. Something about the
      vet saying it's not good for me. :(

      Kathy says: Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
      So nice to see you here!

  4. Congrats on your 200th post! I believe catnip should be in ample supply!

    psalm103and138 at gmail dot com

    1. Lilybits says: Thank you, Miss Caryl! I just need to get my
      mom to dig the catnip out of the cupboard. In the mean
      time I will snuggle catnip filled toys.

      Kathy says: So nice to have you visit again, Caryl. Thank
      you for leaving a comment. :)

  5. Better late than never! Congratulations on your 200th post! Very exciting and looking forward to 200 more. Bummer about your dropping out of the presidential race. Next time!

    1. LIly says: Thanks, Miss J'nell. Mom and I work hard at this blog stuff. ;)

      Kathy says: Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a
      comment today, J'nell! Good to see you here.

    2. Announcing the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card: Caryl Kane!
      Congratulations, Caryl! I will contact you soon.

    3. Announcing the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card: Caryl Kane!
      Congratulations, Caryl! I will contact you soon.

    4. I am so happy to have won! Thank you so much! :)