Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy - Lilybit's Tail of Woe

Lilybits finding the right place to sit before she does her
blog post. 

First, I want to say, “thanks” to my 
cousin Harley for doing a fine job 
helping me out last Wednesday.
Now I must begin my tale of no tail as I promised I would. 

Once upon a time . . .

I can’t quite remember what happened the first time I hurt my tail, being in a bit of shock from the pain. But I think it was a nasty door my poor tail was slammed in. After I lost the end of my tail I had phantom pains, which made me mad. The rescue lady decided I should go to the vet, who removed an offending piece more than once. It was terrible!

I really used to have a tail--at least
a partial one!
Finally I was well enough to take to Last Chance Rescue events. After my adopted mom brought me home, I seemed fine. Then she gave me catnip and I was jumping all over the place like a wild kitten. Wouldn’t you know, I bumped the end of my tail on the wall quite hard and it started hurting again.

The next day while Mom was at the computer I hissed and made her jump. Then I began chasing my tail, round and round until I could give it a good bite! Unfortunately it didn’t help. After my tail started to bleed and wasn’t getting better, Mom took me to the veterinarian—the last place I wanted to go.

My tail had become infected. After trying topical pain relief and medicine to make the infection go away, I only healed up temporarily. When it started to bother me again, I wanted to tell Mom, but the best I could do was bite it and the trouble started all over again.

The vet suggested removing the tail down to a stump, which Mom felt badly about, but they weren’t sure what else to do. They took me in that March, about five years ago, and left me over night. My surgery and recovery could be a whole other story in itself, but I don’t think you want to hear about that.

But I will tell you there’s a happy ending to my tail, pardon the pun. The surgical site healed up well and the fur on my behind grew back. I thought things seemed a little strange at first. Jumping atop the high bookcase in the family room was a bit of a trick! However, now I do very well with balancing and I don’t have any more phantom pains! I am a happy little cat! And, might I add, beautiful even without that usually prized appendage.

Tail-less, but regal!

And that is how I became Lilybits, the Tail-less wonder! The End—no pun intended.


  1. Lilybits, I think your tail-less look makes you look high pedigreed. People will treat you like the royal cat you are! Jake says he knows about stubby tails as he has one of those, too. Woof!

    1. I also want to say that I'm sorry you had to suffer so much with your tail. That must have been just awful. I felt very bad for you reading about it. Can't imagine living through it.

    2. Lilybits says: Thank you, Miss Karla. And tell Jake that he is quite all right for a dog. In fact, he's the cat's meow! Purrrr.

    3. P.S. Lily says: You're right, Miss Karla. That tail pain was awful!
      I'm so glad I'm all better now. Meow!

  2. Poor baby. What a horrible thing to happen

  3. Lilybits, you a wonderful and special. I winced about every other word while I read your blog segment, but am glad you're not giving it a second thought now.

    1. Ooops: that's you are wonderful and...

    2. Lilybits says: You are very kind, Miss Elaine. Thank you for
      caring so much. And yes, things are much better now.
      Of course, it helps that Mom thinks I'm so special too.
      Waving a paw at Wild Cat! Purrr.

  4. Buster and Babe say, Way to go, Lilybits! You're a survivor! You made it through adoption, tail problems, and came out the other end with the coveted happy, forever home and good health. Woohhoo! Or in our case, Arf, arf!
    Donna Winters for Buster and Babe