Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy (on Thursday!) - Help from Harley

Lily apologizes because Rush Limbaugh wasn’t available and Oprah didn’t have enough advance notice, so today’s special host is Harley the Himalayan of Lakeville, Minnesota. He’s taking questions from cats around the country from his non-motorized power basket situated under the living room table.

Dear Harley: My colorblind human brought home a new pink cat bed for me to sleep in. He doesn’t care, because he can’t see color, but I can. Do I have to be worried about compromising my masculinity by sleeping in it?

Fanger from Fargo

Dear Fanger: You have nothing to worry about. After all, look at me. Besides, the feline babes love it!

Harley the Himalayan in his non-motorized power basket.
Dear Harley: My humans brought home a snotty little kitten. She comes over to lick my fur while I’m trying to sleep. I am a mature, elegant cat who has no time for such nonsense. What do you suggest I do to put her in place?

Tertius from Teaneck

Dear Tertius: I suggest large doses of catnip and if there’s some left over, give it to the kitten.

Dear Harley: How do you keep your hair so beautiful? Lily says she gets lots of grooming tips from you. What do you suggest?

Tangled in Trenton

Dear Tangled: Two words: crème rinse.

 Do your pets have any questions for wise old Harley? Or do you have some suggestions for him?


  1. LOL were those real questions? Hilarious!

    1. They were real for the imaginary cats who sent them. ;) LOL

    2. However, Harley the Himalayan is a very real cat and indeed lives in Lakeville, MN. We're pretty sure this is how he'd answer the questions. :)