Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy - The Kitten Chronicles, Part Two

A few months ago I had a chat with Natasha, my Siberian
cousin in Minnesota. She is a kitten, but nearly a year old.
Mom and I thought you might enjoy finding out how she's doing these days.

Hi cousin Tasha! Welcome to Wednesday Whimsy. 

Thank you, Lily; it is nice to visit with you again. I enjoy following your blog, you interview such interesting personalities, especially the other felines.
Have you grown much since we last chatted?

I am nearly a year old now, and have grown as much as I think I am going to, but am filling out nicely, or so my humans tell me. The fun thing is, I still fit under the love seat, so can escape whenever I want.  And, I am now big enough to hold my own when wrestling with Elliot, also known as “The Big Galoot”, and can pin him down. I am feeling really wonderful; full of energy and vigor. Life is grand.

How is the captivity going? Have you adjusted well to your most recent surroundings?

I often forget I am captive since I am having so much fun and feeling very much at home. Oh, Lily, I so enjoy myself. There are so many great places to nap--wherever I please really, although my humans sometimes annoy me by chasing me off some of the choicest spots, but I show them by sneaking back when they are not looking; Ha! I particularly love to lay in front of the fireplace and warm my paws and nether regions on a cold winter evening.  
Tasha watching a bird.

It is also fun to watch the birds out the window. My humans put birdseed right out on the ledge of the front window and I get to see the birds just inches in front of my nose. It is so exciting! It is also a thrill to watch the squirrels on the deck outside the back patio door.

Life is like a party--I AM a party animal!  I just love to have fun, and play, and run, and jump, and wrestle.
Tasha and her brothers enjoy watching the birds and squirrels.

Is your human training going any better? Are your humans getting any less “foolish and slow to learn”, as you put it our first interview?

I finally have my humans fairly well trained, though it has been an exercise in patience, let me tell you!  They have virtually ceased to annoy me in most matters, and especially about what I prefer to eat. It has finally sunk into their thick skulls, I think, that I will eat what I want and when I want, and sleep when I want and where.

They have provided all sorts of toys and furniture for me to enjoy, and I have almost complete run of the house. On the other paw, they have taken to brushing my teeth in spite of by most vehement and vociferous protests. I can take care of my own teeth, thank you! I may have to take drastic action there.

What do you like best about Tom and Betsi?

Hmmm; I suspect Tom is really a dog-person, Lily. He is so bucolic; just like a dog...disgusting! I won’t let him near me most of the time; sometimes I have to dive under the love seat to get away from him. On the other paw, he does get up at 5:00 AM, and so I can coerce him into feeding me right away. My brother cats and I have taken to coaxing him to awaken at 4:00 AM to get up sooner to feed us even earlier, but so far he has resisted. However, I think he will soon acquiesce; he knows I am not pleased.    

Betsi, on the other paw, is clearly a cat-person, and is pleasant to have around.  I prefer her company, and am more willing to let her play with me and even permit her to touch me occasionally. She is refined and elegant, and much more suitable to serve a cat of my status.

Sounds like you are keeping the upper paw with your humans. Good job!

How is life with your stepbrothers, Harley and Elliot? Do you have a favorite one to play with?

Tasha and Elliot snuggling.
Oh, Lily, I just love Elliot! I like to snuggle with him, and lick him. Sometimes, we hold paws, and occasionally when I lick his fur, he licks me back and I am in heaven! It is all so grand! We also like to chase each other back and forth across the house, and wrestle; though our mistress seems to get upset about the things we knock over, as if things are as important as we are.

Harley is mostly an old grump, and he usually sleeps all the time.  He does not like to be bothered at all, which makes it more fun to do it, but I mostly stay away from him.   

Paw holding, close up!

What are your future ambitions?

I have not yet jumped to the top of the piano to explore the crystal candlesticks or onto the fireplace mantel to investigate the porcelain birds. I also want to jump onto the kitchen counter to sample the food that I smell up there. I am practicing my climbing and jumping techniques to prepare for these activities, which I expect to accomplish in the next few months.

Someday, I would also like to sneak out of doors and catch a squirrel, perhaps this spring or summer. I am told this is not allowed, but I call my own shots, and will jump at the chance when I can. That squirrel is in for a big surprise!

Thank you, Tasha, for updating us on your life in Minnesota. It’s good to hear from you.

You are welcome, Lily; it was nice to chat again.  Do come and visit me sometime.

(And a special thank you to our Minnesota cousins, Tom and Betsi for helping Natasha
with the answers and sending these wonderful pictures!)


  1. CUTE OVERLOAD!! What a lovely life Tasha has!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Karla!

    2. Karla, I second the motion for cute overload!

  2. Tasha, what fun it was to see the pics of you growing into a lovely and intelligent cat. You made my day on this snowy morning (one I was just delayed in getting to work--be thankful you don't have to drive in the snow! it's overrated) Whatever you do in your climbing ambitions, please don't do what my one boy cat did years ago as a kitty--he jumped on the counter and played "Superman" by jumping off of it and thinking he could fly. The poor little guy broke his tail. Ouch. We kept an eye on it to see if it had to be… well… you don't want to know… but God watched over Higgins and he had a full recovery.


    1. Hi Elaine, I'm sure Tasha will take your advice to heart since her cousin, Lily,
      had an unfortunate incident and lost . . . ahem . . . that sacred appendage,
      often used for balance. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.
      Lilybits has adapted well despite her trials.