Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday! (the Welsh Corgi) on Wednesday Whimsy!

Today I'm interviewing the canine companion of Mom's friend, Karen Wingate. Let's welcome Tuesday, the Welsh Corgi, on Wednesday Whimsy!

Tuesday on Wednesday. I like that. Bet you won't ever forget my name!

Probably not. Unless I meet a dog named Thursday. Then I might get a little confused.

How long have you owned Karen? Do you consider her your mom?

I decided to adopt Karen and her family eight years ago. I'm a confirmation champion show dog, but I got tired of being on the road so my peeps decided to find a good family for me. It took several tries, but then I met the Wingates and it was love at first bark. My breeder family gave me my everyday name, Tuesday. Judy, my breeder, said it was because I was born on a Tuesday. Karen wonders what the other puppies in my liter were called.  My show name is Lady Arwin. Karen says she likes that name a lot better but she didn't want to confuse me when I came home with them. But then she apologizes to people for my name. I don't mind. People smile when they hear my name and I like it when people smile at me.
Tuesday, the clown

I'm not sure who is the mom in this family! I have to take care of Karen.  Welsh Corgis are a herding breed so we have to constantly make sure our people are right where they need to be. You don't know what it's like to live with this family. I have to teach them EVERYTHING - when to let me outside, when to feed me, when to go to bed. And don't forget the doggie cookies!

Lady Arwin? Wow! Sounds like you're descended from
nobility, too. I've never known a royal dog before! 

What’s the best way to train your human/mom?

The first rule of training your human is to be cute. Corgis are great at this.  They're known as little clowns. All I have to do is cock my head and I can get this family to do anything. I'm an expert at moving them where I want them to be. I just have to get behind them and keep pushing them like they were a big herd of cattle and they'll move - toward my food dish, toward the closet where my toys are, you get the idea. Then I stand sentry in the hallway so they don't sneak past me. Welsh Corgis aren't called hall monitors for nothing.

Tuesday, the hall monitor.
I've also learned to not bark much. That way, when I do bark, Karen knows I mean business and she comes running to check things out. Ah, these humans are so predictable. I've got them wrapped around my dewclaw! 
What does Karen write about?

 Boring stuff. Sometimes she reads to me what she's written. She needs to write about canines more often. Instead, she writes stuff she calls curriculum and magazine articles about how to teach children, how to help churches grow, and how to live as a Christian. She writes this thing called a blog where she uses this one word, grace, a lot. I think I heard her tell someone it's at a place called
Here I am with Karen's daughter, Christine. I just
love the youth pastor's baby she's holding!

Now she's starting to write stories. Those are more interesting, but they are sooo long. She calls them novels. She loves to tell stories about things that happened in the past, especially in Ohio where we used to live. She wrote a book about the Ohio River Flood and another book about this food service called a canteen at a train station during World War Two. Now she is working on more historical fiction about Ohio, and I think she is writing this contemporary romance book where a girl meets a boy, then they get separated from each other and they spend the rest of the book trying to find each other. She says it's more exciting than that but she won't tell me, because she's afraid I'll spill the dog food.

How do you help her with her writing?

Ah, I thought you would never ask.  Remember, I'm a Welsh Corgi with a strong herding instinct. I've got my humans' routine figured out. After Karen wakes up, she reads her Bible, fixes breakfast for Daddy Jack, then heads to her office to write. But sometimes she gets distracted, so I have to make sure she gets to work. I will bark at her then sit in the hallway, waiting for her. If she doesn't come, I'll go find her and walk circles around her till she starts to move toward her office. Finally, she gets the idea. Whew. When she turns on her computer, I settle down for my morning nap. I make sure she stays at her desk by pretending to be asleep. She hates to disturb my nap so she stays in her chair and gets more writing done. I know that's true because I heard her tell that to Daddy Jack one time.

Any advice to other canine muses? How can we best help our writing humans?

These writer types are bad about forgetting we exist. They really get into their work. So you have to help them take breaks once in awhile. What you do is get their attention every hour or two. Bring your leash to them so they'll take you for a walk or go get your ball so they'll toss it for you. The exercise is good for them. If they don't get up and stretch once in awhile, they get cranky.

Tuesday with Daddy Jack and his
daughter, Katherine.
But don't distract them too much because they also get cranky if they don't write at all. It's a balancing act, you know. Your job is to help them get their writing done, take breaks and relax when their workday is done. Get a good nap during the day so you are ready to do your job when they are done for the day. Then turn on the charm! Play hard. Make those humans laugh.  These writer types--they just take themselves way too seriously! Then when you both have had enough, curl up close beside them on the couch and teach them how to randomly scratch behind your ears while they read a book.  Good time for another snooze!

I heard Karen say I help her the best when she gets something she calls a rejection. Those must not be very nice because sometimes she cries or she just gets really sad. Then I jump on the couch, give her Corgi kisses and snuggle up to her for a belly rub. She says I make life better so I wriggle closer to her and she laughs. After a few minutes, she'll get up and move back to her computer again and I know she's ok. I know it's best not to follow her, just leave her alone for a few minutes so she can talk to God and start writing again.

Do you ever get in trouble for helping “too much”?

Oh yes!  I've learned the hard way.  Humans do NOT like to be told when they need to go to bed. Sometimes I get tired of waiting for them and go jump on their bed. Karen and Jack don't mind that too much, especially in the winter. Karen says I'm better than an electric blanket.

Tuesday helps Karen teach VBS.
And then there was the time I tried to tidy up the house. Daddy Jack left a package of coffee setting on the end table by his chair. Doesn't he know he should put those things in the cupboard?  I tried to clean it up for him before they came home, but I only got a third of the bag cleaned up. It made me feel funny. And then I got really sick. My humans were so mad at me.  I kept Karen up all night long doing, you know, that stuff. I think Karen thought I was going to die, but I finally stopped, you know, that stuff.  Then she was mad at me all over again. They aren't nice. They keep telling their friends in front of me about the time I ate their coffee and they laugh about it.  I was just trying to help! 

Thanks again, Tuesday, for visiting with me on a . . . Wednesday.

Learn more about Karen on her wonderful, inspiring blog, Grace on Parade,  where she shares what the Lord is teaching her in a transparent, encouraging way. Karen's blog always gives me (Kathy) plenty to think about and truly spreads the wonder of God's grace.

More about Tuesday's adopted mom, Karen Wingate:

When Tuesday the Welsh Corgi, is looking the other way, Karen leaves her writing desk to work with her husband in their Western Illinois church, leading a women's bible study, organizing a women's fellowship group, and helping with an after school children's program.  Karen and Jack miss their two adult daughters terribly so lavish all their love on Tuesday who doesn't mind a bit.  Karen has hundreds of writing credits in such magazines at The Lookout, Decision, Clubhouse, Guideposts, and Journey, and writes a bi-weekly blog at  She is currently writing her third novel and leads seminars on Gifts Based Children's Ministry and on prayer.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question for Tuesday . . . or Lily. They'd love to hear from you!


  1. A fond hello, Lilybits--

    I read this awesome interview at 3:30 AM while having breakfast & getting ready for work, but this is the first time I've had a chance to comment.

    Tuesday, I love your name! You sound as if you might have been names after a glamorous actress… you certainly have the looks & charm. I love how you guard your lovely person, Karen. Believe me, as a person too, I know what it's like not wanting to budge because of one of you cute fuzz balls besides us.

    Easter blessings. And, Lilybits, regards from Wild Cat.

    1. Lilybits purrs and thanks you for your lovely comments, Elaine. She is waving a paw at Wild Cat.

  2. Oh how fun to see Karen this way!! LOVED this interview, Kathy and Karen, and LilyBits and Tuesday! Sounds like Tuesday is one smart cookie, as well as being wonderful company. =]

  3. I agree, Patty! I'm so glad Tuesday and Karen agreed to an interview!