Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Whimsy - What? Me, Change?

What? Me, Change?
Things were completely fine and then . . . one night Dad’s friend came and picked up one of the couches and the ancient coffee table that had been with them since the beginning of time. This wasn’t just any coffee table; it was my sort of secret lair! Mom had put my favorite resting pad underneath, piled with all the toys I like to ignore. But it was a comfort to know it was there. The other couch went upstairs to a mysterious room they call the “office.” Oh, bother!

The next day a new couch and a loveseat were delivered and a new table! But it’s not like my old one. And then they moved Mom’s recliner into the living room. This is where I always liked to sit with her. The new furniture is softer and puffier on the top. Dad always says a firm mattress is better. Can this softer, puffier loveseat be good for my flexible and all-important feline spine? 
Sleeping on my favorite couch.
I showed Mom last night. I went and sat on the back of the couch upstairs and looked out the window. Ha! So there! She was deprived of my delightful company. Tonight I gave in and sat on her lap after sinking into the top of the loveseat for a couple of hours, but I hope she won’t get used to this.
Thinking about sitting on my favorite recliner
to help Mom with her blog.
Change is not a happy word in kitty vocabulary—unless it’s new flavors for my delicate gourmet palate. Now that’s a different story. I don’t like to be bored with what I eat, but that’s a tale for another day. I hope all of my friends out there and their feline or canine or monkey companions are enjoying their favorite old piece of furniture tonight—unlike me. There’s not even a good weave to sharpen my claws on this dumb stuff!

Lily would love to hear what kind of change you don't like . . . or do like.


  1. Oh, Lily, I don't like change, either! But life is all about change, so those of us who are persnickity will just have to learn to adjust. Love, Jakearoodog's Mom. (Jake sends his licks and tail wags!)

    1. Lily says: Thanks for empathizing, Mrs. Jakearoodog's Mom.
      I guess I'll adjust, but of course I will need to exact some
      vengeance for being put through this, don't you think? Purrs
      and paw waves to Jakearoo!