Friday, October 10, 2014

A Fond Farewell to Wild Cat

Lilybit's Tribute to Wild Cat

Last year I had an interview with a wise old Wild Cat. She was a precious feline friend and muse to Mom’s writer friend, Elaine Stock. I’m sad to report that Wild Cat has passed away recently—at the ripe old age of around 19! (That has to be comparable to at least a 100-year-old human!)

Wild Cat helping her she-human, Elaine.
She gave good advice, too, saying the best feline muses take care of themselves first and then make sure their humans are happy and well rested, so they will be more productive. (Like I’d ever let that happen around here. It’s just too tempting to be a pest while they’re sleeping. Wild Cat was much nicer than I am.) Not only was she a great muse and liked to cuddle Elaine while she was writing, but she also helped her he-human, Wally, restore pianos. (See photo below.)
This was Wild Cat in her younger days. (Her he-human restores pianos for
a living and she's making sure this piano doesn’t walk away.)
In her earlier years, Wild Cat was at the bottom of the pecking order with two cat siblings, though she had enjoyed snuggling with them on top of clean laundry in a basket. Since they went on to kitty glory about nine years ago, Wild Cat had reigned supreme. She liked to keep Elaine company at her 3 a.m. breakfast and often enjoyed a few stray muffin crumbs. Though quieter than her name suggested, Wild Cat did like to bellow at dinnertime, waiting for her own, well-deserved taste of Elaine’s dinner.

No more will Elaine and Wally see Wild Cat's ears peeking through the window while she waited for them to come home. And even though she tried to disguise her gladness at their return, as she thumped down off the trunk by the window where she waited, they knew she cared.

Wild Cat is greatly missed and onto her eternal reward, which I believe must include an all-you-can-eat tuna buffet, mice to chase (Hey, it’s not their heaven.), and laser beams to attack, while running through a meadow of sweet smelling grass! And when she’s tired, she can nap in the sunshine. So I say a fond “good-bye” to my elderly friend, Wild Cat, who lived a full and delightful feline life with her humans, Elaine and Wally.

See you on the other side someday, Wild Cat. May you eat, nap, run, and play
in peace.


  1. Hi, precious Lilybits. When your dear she-friend, Kathy, told me of your interest in writing a tribute to my Wild Cat I was very touched. Thank you from deep within my heart.

    It has been one week and one day since we had to say goodbye to our lovely cat. This is the first time in 32 years of 33 years of marriage that Wally & I are without a cat. The house feels empty; we feel out of place. Yet, by keeping out eyes and heart on God, we are managing. The tremendous amount of compassion from friends has also made it a little easier to bear.

    I'm going to try to pay this forward by bringing attention to your tribute after I post my next guest on my blog. Too many people have lost their beloved family pets. Some just recently and some through the past few years. I think perhaps this tribute to my WC may help.

    May God bless you, Lilybits, and your friend Kathy and your he-dad. Love them with all your heart as I'm sure they do. In this crazy thing folks call life, all we must do is love. That's the very thing He has asked--commanded--us to do.

  2. Thank you, Miss Elaine. We are sorry for your loss and had hoped you'd like the tribute. Purr. Mom says, "May God bless you guys too!"

  3. Kathy and Elaine, This heartwarming exchange brought a smile and tear to me. God bless you both.

    1. It's a bittersweet time when one loses a dear one, whether human of animal. Bittersweet because we miss them so much, but pure sweetness because we know they're with God.

      Thanks for visiting Kathy's Writing, Whimsy, and Devotion blog. Blessings.

    2. Thank you for stopping by, Anonymous. I'm glad this post touched your heart.