Monday, November 17, 2014

Two More Favorite Characters from Christmas Treasures!

Time for some pre-holiday Christmas fun! Two of my co-authors of the Christmas Treasures: A Collection of Christmas Short Stories, Elaine Stock and April Strauch, are introducing to us their favorite characters in their short stories, and I had the privilege of interviewing Russell and Miss Ava this week.

The Forever Christmas Gift by Elaine Stock 

Favorite character: Russell

Please introduce us to your character with a little description of who they are: Russell is about 70, is a loner but not lonely because he has the spirit of Christ within his heart, yet he can use a good dosage of Christmas cheer . . . which comes from an unexpected someone.

Tell us about your favorite Christmas, Russell. Why was it your favorite?

Author, Elaine Stock 
I enjoyed all my holiday celebrations with my family. My folks adopted me and loved me so much. Before my niece and nephew took off on their own adult paths we had a merry Christmas in my tiny apartment, filled with hymn singing, sweets, gifts, and more Christmas tree than space allowed. It hasn’t really been the same since. It’s just me now. I attend church and have friends there, but somehow don’t feel right accepting their invitations into their homes for Christmas dinner.

Do you have a Christmas tradition you look forward to every year?

I miss watching the faces of those who I gave gifts to—miss seeing their wide-eyed look of joy. I very much would like to share my Christmas again with someone, perhaps someone who needs to as much as I do. Meanwhile, I trust in God. He will provide.

Love is the Key by April Strauch

Favorite character:  Miss Ava

Please introduce us to your character with a little description of who they are:
She is an 88 year old woman who lives in a nursing home, Hampton’s Home for the Elderly. She’s a widow and mother to her grown son, Franklin.
Questions for your character:

     Tell us about your favorite Christmas. Why was it your favorite?

My favorite Christmas was the year I became engaged to Richard. He came to my parent’s house while I was still sleeping. Unbeknownst  to me, he was hiding under the tree in his classic black and red flannel shirt. (Laughs) With a red bow tied around himself. (Coughs) He’s always been my best gift. (Wipes a tear.)

      Do you have a Christmas tradition you look forward to every year?

Drinking a cup of hot cider and reading the Christmas story by candlelight. Some of my best memories are when Frankie was little and he’d sit on my knee. Then, after he was grown and moved away, Richard and I carried on the tradition by sitting by the Christmas tree and reading aloud together….

Do you have a favorite tradition you'd like to share?
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  1. Nice segment, Kathy :)

    May your holidays be joyous.

    1. Thanks, Elaine. The same to you! Thank you for sharing with us about your wonderful character, Russell.

    2. Wow, Kathy! Thanks about Russell.

  2. So many wonderful traditions. I just love Christmas!

    1. I agree, Linda. Christmas is a special time!