Friday, November 7, 2014

E is for Elephant Sanctuary!

Can you imagine having an elephant for a pet? I showed Mom the website for the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I figured this way she would be grateful for how little room I take up, for the small amounts of food I devour and that cleaning my princess potty isn’t, let’s just say, a nightmare. Can you imagine cleaning out an elephant’s?

I’m not sure if I would have the guts to ride up that high, on the back of one of those enormous creatures. Check out this video of a baby elephant and a cat. I think the elephant is disrespecting the orange cat big time, but the cat has reason to fear. I’d hate to get stepped on by one of those huge elephant feet.

At least we’re safe from stampeding elephants thanks to the Elephant Sanctuary. (Mom says I'm overreacting here.) When elephants need to be retired from zoos or performances, they can find a home there. They take in elephants like Shirley, who had been crippled and forced to perform or defensive elephants like Sissy, who were thought to be violent, but were lonely and very depressed. These are just a couple of cases. There are many other elephants they've taken in.

The elephants at the sanctuary are able to live in a natural habitat refuge, they’re fed and given toys to play with, as well as medical care. They are almost as spoiled as I am! But now you know where to send your female elephants if they step on your cat by accident, or your dog--or you just think it's time to send them someplace nice for elephants--The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee!
You can even see how they're doing sometimes on the Elecam.

There are all sorts of fun videos from the sanctuary on Youtube, like the one below.

What do you think of elephants? Please share! We love your comments!

E -- 11/5


  1. I live in TN but have never visited the elephant sanctuary. Maybe I should go? Whatcha think, Lilybits? Would you go with me?

    1. Well, Mr. Tom, only if you promise not to let them step on me.
      Actually, I'd rather you just send me some pictures. Take Sissy
      the dog with you--yeah, there's a good idea!

  2. I saw a National Geographic commercial this morning saying the elephant will be extinct in ten years do to poaching. I love places like this that will take them in and give them a good home without fear. Much like you have, Miss Lilybits.

    1. I agree, Miss J'nell. And it keeps me safe from elephant feet!
      Purr. Mom says thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

      Kathy says: Yes, such majestic animals, a wonder of God's
      creation. It would hate be a shame to see them become extinct.