Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kitty in the Kitchen - Fun with this week's A to Z Meme!

The kitchen is full of intriguing smells. When Mom roasts chicken, covered with spices and olive oil, the most scrumptious scents emanate from the oven. I pace on my toes while the bird cooks and I am always ready for any tiny scraps they might want to give me. Sometimes I dream of having a whole chicken to myself, but alas, I am relegated to the state of begging.

My other favorite kitchen smell is my wet food. When Mom opens that can, I am ready for that stinky pate, which makes my taste buds and tummy oh so happy! I don’t understand why she doesn’t feed me on demand like a nursing baby. I only get fed twice a day, but I would prefer at least four!

These are just some of the reasons the kitchen is my favorite room in the house, other than the sunshine spot in the bedroom where I like to nap during the summer. The kitchen is where I do most of my stalking. I stalk Mom when it’s suppertime or perch on my stool and yell at her.  Well, she calls it yelling. I have perfected a combination whine and meow that is most annoying, so that I’m apt to get my way sooner than if I just sit there and look cute.

I also stalk squirrels, chipmunks and birds in the kitchen . . . through the door to the patio, that is. If they get close enough, especially onto the step by that door, they’re in trouble. I move into attack stance, sitting back on my haunches and preparing my front paws for the ultimate pounce. If Mom would just open that sliding door and let me at them!

Sometimes I am content to just rest on my princess pillow, on Dad’s chair at the kitchen table, which may include watching the birds at the bird feeder. I love curling up lazily in the morning at that spot. So many things to sniff, do and eat in the kitchen. No wonder it’s my favorite place!

This Kitty in the Kitchen post is brought to you by the letter H, which Mom missed writing a post for a couple of weeks ago. H is for happy and happy is what I am in the kitchen!

What’s your favorite room in the house? Or your pet’s favorite room?

We a-purr-ciate your comments!

K -- 12/17


  1. I too love the kitchen for all the same reasons, except when I'm hungry I have no one to beg or yell at. I have to get it for myself. Alas, such is the life of the mom.

    1. Lilybits says: If I had opposable thumbs, I would get food to eat for
      myself too! It is one of the few downsides of being a cat. We must
      teach our humans to understand just what we need, which is not
      all fun, since they are slow to learn.

  2. Meow! Mama wrote about us on her A to Z blog hop, too, Lilybits! We kitties need to stick together, right? And the kitchen is our favorite room, too, except for when Mama has a cup of milk to knock over by her chair. Meow! Meow-y Cat-mus!

    1. Oops, sorry, we forgot to sign our names, Lilybits. Meow!
      Janelle and Spook

    2. I usually like to knock over my mama's water glass. Milk would be
      much more satisfying! Thanks for stopping by, Janelle and Spook.
      Mom and I just read your mama's blog post and left a comment
      too. Meow-y Cat-mus to you too! Love, Lilybits