Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday Motivation . . . on Tuesday this week

I had hopes of having a Monday Motivation on Monday this week,
but spent time this past week getting motivated and Monday traveling home.
One of the best motivators for the lone writer is to get out there and talk writing
with other scribes, sharing ideas and inspiration. Educational
and spiritual inspirational opportunities abound at the annual American
Christian Fiction Writers Conference, which was in Indianapolis this year,
September 13-15. And, of course, there are those appointments that give
authors a chance to pitch their books and/or concepts to agents and editors.

This year we enjoyed keynote speaker, Robin Jones Gunn, as she encouraged us to ask God for one thing and watch His plans unfold. The bottom line of her message was that His plans for us are far better than our plans for ourselves and we need to trust and praise the Lord for them--
at least that was what this conference attendee took away. The stories Robin shared were a peek at her non-fiction book, Victim of Grace.

However you receive inspiration, don't forget the smorgasbord
of writers conferences available these days and if you aren't able
to attend, often you can find CDs or MP3s of recorded sessions
available. Now, go get inspired!

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