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Have fun with your characters. When you get stuck, try a little exercise. I start by praying for God’s leading. Close your eyes and see your character. Where is he/she? Think about the sights, sounds and smells around them, putting yourself in their shoes. Now, what is your character doing? Talking to someone? Looking for something? Painting a picture or just a wall? Playing a musical instrument? Running down a road?

You may find new things out about your character you never thought of before. I had a character, who had a lost love she hadn’t told me about before. He returned to her life. I wound up with a whole new twist to my plot. My character actually winds up marrying this lost love, who becomes a stepfather to her son. This complicates family relationships and holds her back for a time from making important decisions she needs to make about her commitment to God.

It’s funny how a simple five or ten minute exercise of the imagination can help breathe new life into a story, give more depth to a character and guide them down paths we hadn’t originally planned.
Do you have a “stuck” two-dimensional character that needs to have more depth of “life” breathed into them? 

Last week's prompt

I took about five minutes to write about last week's prompt,
which was fresh-baked bread. It led me to reminisce about
my bread baking days, when my sons were younger. Here are
my results, with little editing:

I miss baking bread. When the boys were little, I ground my own white wheat berries in a grain mill, making it into flour. Then I used my mixer with the dough hook to create lovely, pliable dough. The dough had a grainy texture and a nutty taste.

As the dough sat in a warm spot to rise, you could smell the yeast. Then as each loaf baked and was removed from the oven, the scent of honey and wheat blended with the yeasty goodness. I couldn’t wait until it cooled enough to slice and slather with butter. And my boys, big and little lined up for a chance to sample the golden-brown bread. 

Did you use last week's prompt and find it helpful? Here's a new prompt--write
about: Sunshine


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