Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Lily reviews Miss Fishfly

With a name like Miss Fishfly, what’s not to like? I like eating fish and I like batting at insects. I helped Mom catch an ant the other day and I act like I am going to die of starvation when she opens a can of tuna and won’t share. However, Miss Fishfly is about neither of these things.

Miss Fishfly, a novella by Linda Glaz, is a sweet contemporary romance about two young people dealing with the baggage from their pasts, which they don’t want to carry into the future. Christy Hayes, a hard working nurse, was once deserted by her father and has been looking for love with the wrong kind of guys. Cole Keller, a war hero from a dysfunctional  background, has been betrayed by the one woman he thought he loved.

Both of them are struggling to find something more in their lives, but don’t think God is the answer. They are thrown together by the wedding of their best friends, Aleni and Brice, and again at the bedside of Cole’s dying grandpa. A friendship between Christie and Cole that begs to be more, and the gentle prodding of the God-fearing people in their lives, send the two on a quest for healing and a future that promises more than their pasts.
Miss Fishfly is a page-turning, quick read with strong (human) characters and real life situations. It’s a story of hope and healing. Both the hero and heroine have flawed pasts, but also have good qualities, like real people. Christie is caring and sensitive to other’s needs. Cole has a tender spot for children, especially Brice’s stepson, and respect for his Grandpa Hartway. Mom says we should all have a Grandpa Hartway in our lives—someone lovable who imparts the message of God’s grace with truth and wisdom. Personally, I don’t like it when children try to pet me all the time, because I’m so cute, but Mom says I have to play nice. Cole sounds super patient.
My only complaint is that this novella is too short! Mom and I would love to read more about Christie, Cole and their families. One other teensy thing—there are dogs in the story. But I will forgive the author this indiscretion at this time and still give Miss Fishfly four paws up. (Besides, don’t tell the other cats, but I kind of like dogs. I rode to Petsmart with one the day Mom and Dad came to adopt me.)
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  1. Thanks, Lily, for giving us another interesting story to read. I read one of Linda's earlier books and really enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Lily, hope to hear more great reviews like this one!

  3. Like most cats, Lily has exquisite taste!